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New Holiday Schedule 2015


 To families, friends and returning students spending the holidays in Santa Fe - my class schedule has been updated. Since both Christmas and New Year's fall on a Friday, I will be offering my group classes on Thursday of those weeks.

In all of my 2015 December classes, a holiday gift making option is offered! Choose any of the art pieces that you make in class and I will photograph it, and  make high quality reproductions that you can use as cards or gifts. You will leave the class with your original art and also with cards of your favorite image.  If you are interested in this option, let me know before the class and I will give you more details.

I am proud to offer my skills and experience, love of art and the creative process, sense of humour, and also my flexibility in working with groups. If the group is a family, such as shown in the photo above, I feel honored that this particular family has chosen to spend their vacation time taking an art class. I feel good about life in general when I am with people (of all ages) who choose to make art, to give a class to their daughter, grandson, spouse, or best friend.

I am also honored and inspired when students choose to take a series of private classes with me. This happens when someone who wants to learn clicks with what they see on this website and also on my fine art website at This can also be a very special gift for the right person. I have had a number of students this year whom I have gotten to know as we shared the art journey. This is an enduring connection - here's a toast to art time together in 2016!

And the element of the undpredictable is always welcomed, after all, this is an art class.

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