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Art Holidays and Creative Surprises for Families and Friends

I am so pleased to offer classes to families, friends that travel together and all of you that choose to take an art class on your holiday. I have always liked working with groups because there are always surprises. It is the same in individual classes - I can never predict what will evolve, but when I am teaching in a group, the surprises are multiplied. The interaction when people open to their creativity is genuine and fun.

My classes combine an introduction to how to use the media, creative art exercises that introduce or expand basic principles about the use of color, contrast, and edges and the opportunity to work on a longer art piece where these principles can be put together in an imaginative and individualized response to nature and landscape.

My Friday morning Sketching and Painting Santa Fe Classes are part of DIY Santa Fe: A Creative Tourism Journey. I am proud that I can offer my great skill, a love of art and the creative process, a sense of humour, and flexibility in working with groups. If the group is a family such as in the photo above, I feel honored that this particular familyhas chosen to spend their vacation time taking an art class. I feel good about life in general when I am with people (of all ages) who choose to make art, to give a class to their daughter, their grandson, their husband, or their significant other.

And the element of the unpredictable is always welcomed, after all this is an art class!

In addition to my classes, be sure and check out DIY Santa Fe: A Creative Tourism Journey, which is a project of the City of Santa Fe Arts Commissions's Creative Tourism program and offers 250 creative experiences in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico. In March 2014 DIY Santa Fe is sponsoring a month-long celebration of the great arts tradition that provides this region with its unique character. Follow this link for more informationSanta Fe Creative Tourism

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