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Pastels at Twilight Summer 2013

 Join us in the vivid and changing light of Santa Fe at Twilight! I hold this series of classes every summer. We will focus on color, imaginative simplification/abstraction and a vibrant and energetic use of pastel and mixed media techniques. The process of the class will include both structure and concepts, and loosening up and "letting go."

Abstracting a landscape suggests a simplification of form, while maintaining a clear sense of a landscape space...a horizon, a ground line. We will also look at expressing aspects of nature along with eliminating an obvious ground line and/or horizon. Taking this step places your artwork in abstract space, which has its differences from landscape space.

We will also focus on the relationship between light and dark tones and color. Seeing the "value" of a color will greatly enhance the strength of your composition. Pastel painting is also enlivened by energetic mark making. Knowing when to blend, making areas soft and graceful, and when to leave marks as they are, retaining immediacy, is another focus of this series. 

Each class will include demonstration and technical instruction on the sequence of developing a pastel landscape.

Contact me if you would like to attend a session of Pastels at Twilight while you are on vacation in Santa Fe.If you are visiting here and are new to pastels and plein air painting I recommend signing up for a three hour private class prior to joining us of for this series. The class will be held in eight different locations and starts on Thursday, June 20; ending on Thursday, August 22. We will be skipping July 4 and July 25. Time is 5:15 to 8:15PM

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