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Jane Shoenfeld, BFA, MA, LPAT, grew up in Maryland and moved to New York City to study art at Pratt Institute. Jane completed her graduate training at Pratt Institute in the late 1970s and exhibited her work in NYC Soho Galleries in the 1980's. Her medium was pastel and her subject matter was the still life. She began working from photos and painting large pastels of the Southwest after her first trip to New Mexico in 1983. When she moved to New Mexico in 1987 and began working on location, her focus and passion became imaginative simplification and color. Her current work includes landscape abstractions in pastel and mixed media as well as small mixed media pieces based on memories and dreams. Her explorations of color, abstraction and experimentation with media are based on a history of careful observation combined with an ability to experience and express a passionate connection to nature.

Shoenfeld's art work is represented in numerous private and corporate collections including NYNEX, Strock, Strock and Lavan, the NM Highway & Transportation Department and the Jack Ziegel Collection. Recently her landscape abstractions have won several purchase awards as part of the NM Art in Public Places Collection. Shoenfeld's work has been included in exhibitions through the Smithsonian Institute, the Las Cruces Museum, Millicent Rogers Museum, and Brooklyn Museum. Her work is currently represented by the First Street Gallery in NYC and Wilder Nightingale Gallery in Taos, NM. Shoenfeld's landscape pastel Grace was the cover art on the American Journal of Art Therapy and her abstract gridscapes are featured on the covers of The New Mexico Poetry Review and The Number of Names, a collection of poetry by Donald Levering. She also was a featured artist in a 2011 film by Karen Cantor, Invitation to the Muse, A Mystery: Artists and their unique creative processes. Shoenfeld's artwork is available in pastel, monoprints, giclée prints and mixed media/watercolor. Check the Fine Art box in the order form if you are interested in seeing more of Shoenfeld's work.

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Jane's grace, humour and fluidity are a function of training, experience and passion. Her parallel paths, as both professional artist and Licensed Professional Art Therapist,combine to create a teacher who is innovative, inspirational, informative and FUN. She has been teaching fine art and art therapy for 24 years in colleges, universities and art schools, including the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. She is clear, supportive and inspirational with eager and perhaps nervous beginners, She brings awareness and flexibility to all her teaching and loves working with families and groups of friends traveling to Santa Fe for bonding experiences! She also offers both practical and intuitive instruction in her work with experienced artists who bring their own focus and intensity to the art process.

Shoenfeld is a renown national art therapy educator on a post graduate level - teaching mental health professionals in workshops that focus on the relationship between the creative process and nature. She couples imagery from nature with clinical and ethical issues in a direction that is “brilliant, helpful and refreshing.” She is a licensed provider for the NM Counseling and Therapy Practice Board and also has held workshops through the Santa Fe Art Institute and the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Education Program. Jane is committed to offering art therapists, and other professionals, expansive opportunities to earn continuing education units.

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Art therapists are master’s level professionals working in a variety of settings around the world. Art therapists use the creative process to help people of all ages improve their health and emotional well being. Working with images can bring unconscious connections closer to the surface, providing an area of symbolic experience where change and enrichment of experience can be creatively and safely explored. Art skills and talent are not needed to benefit from art therapy. Visit for more information about art therapy.




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