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Personalized Art Classes for Families & Friends

If you want to give your best friend, your husband or your newly retired parent a gift of an art class, please inquire about a Gift Certificate...or if you are a single dad taking a holiday with your two kids; a grandmother connecting with your eight year old grandson: a working mother getting quality time with your talented 12 year old on Spring Break or four sisters, two nieces and the matriarch of the family all together....consider spending time together in a creative way. You will learn something, have fun, create memories in picture form, and bond in a new way.

Gift Certificates - printed on card stock and are signed by the artist - are available with the image of your choice included on the Certificate. The available images are the ones shown on this website.

A personal note from Jane: I taught classes on Christmas this year and also on Valentine's Day! I can't guarantee that I will do that again next Christmas but it worked out perfectly this year I had just come back from a Costa Rican painting trip and we were leaving on the 26th to visit relatives. So there was Christmas and a family of five wanting to spend their holiday together making art! It was a gift they gave to one another and also it was really a gift to me, a great way to return to Santa Fe.


Hand-signed cards by Jane ShoenfeldHigh-quality, hand-signed cards are signed by the artist and available with any of the images on this web site. Includes envelopes.

Priced at $8 per card, or three cards for $21, plus shipping $4.75 up to 16 oz.