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I started Art Adventures in the Southwest in the mid 90's. For many art lovers, the length of stay in Santa Fe is 3 to 5 days. Although there were and are five day art workshops being offered, these did not allow enough time for a visitor to do anything else while visiting our beautiful state capital. So I decided I would teach half day classes with all the art materials supplied. My slogan was, “Just Bring Yourself.

I work with pastel, which is beautifully vivid, has no drying time and is easily transportable, so the media I loved was a natural for outdoor art classes. Also since I am primarily inspired by nature, I decided to focus on areas that included mountain vistas, southwestern terrain and intriguing old adobe homes with their endearing assymetry. There are many such inspiring places within 10 minutes of the downtown plaza.

When I first started Art Adventures in the SW, I didn't even have a computer. I advertised in New Mexico Magazine and placed cards in the display racks. I did have a web presence that was connected to – this was through a friend – and she would fax me inquiries when emails came through to the site. This is my third version of Thank you to Phil and Ann Card who designed my second site and to, who specialize in art sites and designed this one. It's a Joomla site, which means that I will be trained to maintain it. I love that!

Art Adventures in the SW includes residential workshops at Ghost Ranch, Private Instruction in my studio, and Continuing Education in Art Therapy. I also design a variety of workshops for professional groups visiting Santa Fe. I have met so many wonderful people teaching these art adventures. I enjoy teaching and enhancing people's Santa Fe experience. I am very lucky to be working in a field and in a place that I love. Thank you all!



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